Evangelion Chronograph Watches Available Now!

Evangelion Chronograph Watches Available for Pre-Order Now


Did you guys see the teaser trailer for the new Evangelion film? The recent box office success of Demon Slayer has shown us that producers are hoping for a big hit in spite of these Coronian times. You can really feel the temperature rising as we approach launch and none more so than in this announcement of the Evangelion …watch pre-order! 

Yes that’s right, a beautiful Eva chronograph can now be on your wrist! Check out these original Evangelion wristwatches from the series now available for pre-order. There are three unique designs from the official Evangelion store.

The three models are as follow:

●  The First Machine

●  The Second Machine

●  The NERV models

Pre-order now for shipment in January 2021. Get your hands, or rather your wrists on them now!

Color Selection and Aesthetics – Evangelion Chronograph Watch

The watch faces, designs, and colors are based on the first, second, and NERV model in the official Evangelion series making the watches eye-catching and exquisite to look at. With the metal finish it all looks very premium and luxurious. Wear it for special occasions or even casual to spruce up your look.

Anime fans will notice it is engraved with Eva’s body armor aesthetics worthy of a premium mechanical watch and it incorporates a calendar that shows the date as well!

The watch is full of Evangelion references like the warning display that contains a honeycomb pattern. You’ll also notice that there’s a small second hand on the 6 o’clock side, and a chronograph minute counter function at 12 o’clock, while there is a 12 hour counter at 9 o’clock.

The 12 o’clock counter has a NERV mark engraved with the aircraft number to make it look like an Evangelion mecha. Beautiful and unique.

The Spec

Product Name: EVA Store Original Watch (The first model, the second model, TYPE NERV)

Band circumference: Approximately 13.5 to 19 cm

Band width: Approximately 2 cm, 

Dial: Diameter approximately 3.3 cm

Case diameter (width): 3.9 cm, Case length: 4.6 cm

Accessories included: Back Cover, Watch Band, Stainless Steel Design, Case

Display/Materials Used: Mineral Glass, Brass.

Waterproof: Yes, 5 Bar/ATM or 50M

Battery Model: SR927W

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