‘Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP!’ MA-1 Jacket and Shoulder Bag

‘Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP!’ MA-1 Jacket and Shoulder Bag – Pre-order Now

The ‘EMoooN’ apparel brand announced their new MA-1 and shoulder bag released in collaboration with well-known anime ‘Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP’. Preorders started from October 19th (Monday) 2020 due to ship in Feb 2021. So, if you want to reserve yours, get in NOW!

‘Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP’ MA-1 Winter Jacket

The MA-1 incorporates a crow mark that is printed right on the chest, which coupled with your athletic bottoms of choice, will take your sports look to the next level. The jacket is also designed to go with that tight skirt look too if you don’t feel in the mood for trousers (or ‘pants’ as some would say), making it a casual jacket that everyone can wear.

The interior of the MA-1 Jacket is made with premium fabrics with pop designs. The pop designs consist of a crow, volleyball, and the number of the uniform that makes it look even more premium. The product ships in February 2021, with preorders open now. So if you want to become the next Haikyuu!! role model, PREORDER NOW!

(C)Haruichi Furudate/Shueisha・’Haikyuu!!’ Production Consortium・MBS

Product Size:

Ladies Free Length: 67 cm; Shoulder: 54 cm; Bust: 70 cm; Circumference, Sleeve : 48 cm; The Length of Sleeve: 55 cm; Width of Sleeve: 27 cm; Cuff: 8 cm (Width); Sleeve Length: 82 cm; Outer Top Width: 23cm

‘Haikyuu!! To The Top’ Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is heavily inspired by various schools from the series. It resembles the shoulder bags worn by characters of various schools in the series.

The most exciting and exquisite thing about this bag is the exterior. It incorporates a simple black design that is worn on the shoulder just like the characters from Haikyuu!!. The interior part uses premium fabrics with original colors of the schools that we’ve mentioned. The exterior design consists of eye-catching pop art. This modern design contains crows and cats related to every high school.

All in all, this bag would look very fashionable together with the jacket. So if you want to go full Haikyuu!! cosplay this can be an all in one package for you.

(C)Haruichi Furudate/Shueisha・’Haikyuu!!’ Production Consortium・MBS

Product Size:

W130 × H 180 × 55mm

Both the jacket and shoulder bag are made with the most premium quality material in as an official Haikyuu!! collaboration product. Pre-orders open 10/19/2020, due to ship in February 2021.

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